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LineBrowser ModuleServer
The LineBrowser ModuleServer (LBMS) is the basic framework for a module-based software. The modules run in parallel in your production environment. At any time it can be expanded easily and quickly.
LineBrowser Configurator
The LineBrowser Configurator allows the user to easily generate, modify and/or update a complete representation of the manufacturing environment with a minimum amount of training. All modifications can be configured in a graphical user interface thus eliminating programming efforts.
The comprehensive quality assurance solution for standalone assembly stations. Easy-to-use operator guidance, tightening data recording, traceability and part verification for error proofing, product repair and prototype assembly.
Our HLTQ series is designed to perform consistently 24/7. The smart design, combined various options makes the HLTQ series the perfect solution for all visualization and control processes.
Operator Guidance
Our operator guidance enables you to visualize all your process steps and data (e.g. camera images) to direct the operator through the assembly process.
Production Analyzer
This product offers you different options to analyse your process results (for example torque, measurement and filling data, workpiece carriers). The data is continuously analyzed for deviations and variations from established values and control limits and can automatically notify designated individuals when errors occur.
Body Tracking
Our Body Tracking System provides you with an overview of the location of your work pieces in the production process at any time and enables you to save tact time by a flexible tact balancing.
Pick Solutions
Hardware and software solutions that ensure the selection of the correct parts in the right quantities for versatile production processes.
Synatec GmbH has been playing a vital role in Atlas Copco’s error proofing strategy since its acquisition in October 2013. As a product company within the Industrial Technique Business Area we develop and produce software solutions (operator guidance, plant monitoring, data collection & analysis) as well as industrial panel PCs. Based on our comprehensive technology toolbox we are offering both customized solutions and standard products. Our team is distinguished by its high level of expertise in supporting our international MVI and GI customers when defining and implementing solutions for new assembly lines. Our main mission is to facilitate our customers’ zero defect strategy.
Synatec GmbH
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Synatec GmbH
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